Nuh Violence: There is Still Fear of Violence in Nuh, Parents Are Still Not Sending Their Kids To School

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Nuh :- The effect of the violence that took place in the past is still visible in the entire district. People are stepping out of their homes as little as possible. At the same time, Kids studying in schools have also stopped coming to school. Now even the movement of Kids is not visible in the schools as before. Without Kids, the schools have started appearing deserted. The number of students in class 10th, 11th and 12th has decreased since 31st July Nuh violence.

Munadi is being done by the watchman

Teachers are making door-to-door contact to bring Kids to faculty schools of Government Senior Secondary School, Khedla. Not only this, to bring the Kids to the schools, the chowkidar is also being made to weave. Khedla's Senior Secondary School has about 1600 Kids from 1st to 12th. But ever since the schools started opening after the violence. Only a few Kids are reaching the school.

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Violence is the main reason for Kids not coming to school

Apart from this, many Kids have gone to their relatives' homes. Most of the Kids are scared. Lest the police arrest them. The school management says. That parents are worried about getting their Kids ID cards. So that he can prove that his Kids are getting education in schools. The school management believes. Violence is the biggest reason for Kids not coming to schools.

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Contradiction visible in the views of teachers and sarpanches

Sarpanch of Khedla village Rafiq Hathaudi does not agree with these things, he says. Because of the negligence of the school management, the condition of the school is from bad to worse. Therefore Kids do not have much interest in coming to schools. The school management is also not making any effort to bring the Kids back to school. If we look at the same, there are contradictions on a large scale in the statements given by the school management and the sarpanch.

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Publish Date: September 7, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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