4 Lane Highway: NHAI's Preparation 4 Lane, Aligarh-Agra Highway Will Pass Through 65 Villages of 3 Districts

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NHAI's Preparation 4 lane, Aligarh-Agra Highway Will Pass Through 65 Villages of 3 Districts

NHAI 4 Lane: NHAI has sent a letter to the administration of the respective districts. In which maps and gata numbers related to the land of the respective villages are required. The government's Bharatmala project is making this route as an economic and inter corridor.

Presently this route connects Madrak, Sasni, Hathras, Sadabad and Khandauli with two lanes. This effort to reduce the time taken till now to reach Agra from Aligarh by two and a half to three hours will be very good. This will also remove the problem of toll cutting and traffic jams.

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making 4 lanes

For a long time people had demanded 4 lane of this highway, but recently it has been decided to construct it under package two of Bharatmala project. NHAI has selected the private agency for its DPR. Which will be economic and interstate. So that land can be acquired from a total of 65 villages for the construction of this route, a map of the villages concerned is being sought from the administration.

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This includes 11 villages of Kol and Iglas tehsil of Aligarh, 51 villages of Sasni, Hathras and Sadabad tehsil of Hathras and three villages of Etmadpur tehsil of Agra. So that the project can be planned accurately, the administration is making a map of these villages.

This road will pass through these villages

After the establishment of this 4 lane road, people will get rid of the problem of jam. You will not need to be stuck for hours in Khandauli, Sasni or Sadabad. Cities and villages situated along the highway will also develop. This successful project will benefit the people of Hathras district, who will enjoy a new and improved life.

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Publish Date: December 25, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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