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Agroha Mound of Hisar Got Approval For Excavation, Now Secrets Related to Mahabharata Period Civilization Will Come To Light

Agroha Mound, of Hisar Got Approval, For Excavation, Now Secrets, Related to Mahabharata, Period Civilization, Will Come To Light

Mahabharata: For the last two days, Sanskrit program was going on in the two-day All India Agrawal Conference at Vibhuti Smarak Agroha Shaktipeeth. On this occasion, National President Gopal Sharan Garg said that on the eve of Agrasen Jayanti, the proposal for excavation of Agroha Mound has been approved by the Government of India.

Approval given for excavation of mound

Excavation of the mound will yield remains related to Maharaja Agrasen's ideal governance system during his life. With this, the history of Agroha 5000 years ago as well as the civilization of Mahabharata period will be brought before the whole world. In the coming time, Agroha will be known all over the world as a heritage site, which tourists from all over the world will come to see.

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Statement of Haryana State Spokesperson

Haryana State Spokesperson and Minister Vipin Goyal said that a memorandum has been submitted to the Archeology Department for excavation. After evaluation by the Archeology Department on the basis of merits and demerits, permission has been given for pre-excavation and pre-excavation CPR Survey on the basis of Rakhigarhi Model, accepting the note of Haryana Government. On this occasion, Dr. S Agarwal, Gopal Goyal, Vinod Agarwal, Ram Prakash Garg, Deepak Singhal, Suresh Bansal, Vineeta Khetawat, Manoj Jindal, Kulbhushan Goyal and Mohit Bansal etc. were present.

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Publish Date: October 25, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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