Delhi Metro New Rules: Ban on Carrying These items inside The Metro, DMRC Warns People

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Delhi Metro New Rules: Ban on Carrying TheDelhi Metro New Rules: Ban on Carrying These items inside The Metro, DMRC Warns Peoplese items inside The Metro, DMRC Warns People

Delhi Metro New Rules: If you live in Delhi or surrounding areas. So you might have used the metro. At the same time, people going to college and office take metro almost every day. Traveling in metro saves time. Avoids jam. And AC is available. These are the reasons. If Metro is called the lifeline of Delhi then perhaps there would be no harm in it. But do you know? What can you carry while traveling in the metro. And what not? Probably not, but you can find out here. Delhi Metro has rules regarding this. About which you can know further.

actual weight law

Traveling in Delhi Metro. So you should know how much weight you can carry. Delhi Metro said that passengers can carry weight up to 25 kg. Keep in mind that the weight should be of only one bag.

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What are the Animal Rules?

You keep cat, dog, rabbit or anything as pet. Or not. So you cannot carry such creatures in the metro.

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Can I take alcohol?

According to the rules recently made by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, passengers can carry two sealed bottles with them. Drinking alcohol is not allowed in or around the metro. Traveling under the influence of alcohol is also illegal.

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Even bicycles cannot be taken in the metro. According to the rules, it is strictly prohibited to carry it. But security personnel can take light children's bicycles.

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Can't even take these.

Carrying of spirits and flammable liquids is strictly prohibited in the metro. Also dangerous chemical acids explosives, sharp objects related to petroleum products (like knives, daggers, swords, cleavers, cutlery etc.) and screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers or any other tool whose length is more than 7 inches or 17.5 cm.

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You are fond of reels. So can't do this in the metro. Photography and videography is prohibited in the metro. Although many people may have seen you doing this, you may be fined if caught.

What will happen if the rules are broken?

If you are caught violating metro rules. Then you may be fined up to Rs 5,000 or imprisoned for four years.

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Publish Date: November 4, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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