Delhi Mumbai Expressway: Huge Shortage of Vehicles on Delhi Mumbai Expressway

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Delhi Mumbai Expressway Update: PM Modi inaugurated the country's longest expressway on 12 February. Keeping in mind the safety of everyone on the expressway, some rules have been fixed.

According to which, out of all types of vehicles, some vehicles have not been allowed to ply on the expressway. According to reports, a notification has been issued by NHAI.

According to the notification, which vehicles will not be allowed to ply on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. We are giving this information in this news.

Which vehicles are banned?

According to reports, a notification has been issued regarding the safety of passengers on the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway. According to this, plying of any kind of two-wheeler, three-wheeler and slow moving vehicles has been banned on the expressway. This list includes non-motorized vehicles as well as agricultural tractors.

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What is the reason

In fact, the speed limit for vehicles running on expressways is higher than that on urban roads. The reason for this is this. That the expressway is built under controlled conditions. On which no vehicle can enter from outside the road. Points for entry and exit have also been made on these. Due to which the speed of vehicles remains fast on the expressway. In such a situation, if small vehicles or slow moving vehicles are allowed entry. So the risk of accident increases.

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An accident has occurred on Delhi-Mumbai Expressway

It has been only about a week since the country's longest expressway opened. But the first accident has already happened. The first accident occurred near Hilalpur toll, where it collided with a tractor.

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Publish Date: February 26, 2024

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