Haryana ex-Chief Minister Manohar Lal Resigns For This Reason, Now He Can Get This Big Responsibility

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Haryana ex-Chief Minister Manohar Lal Resigns For This Reason, Now He Can Get This Big Responsibility

Haryana News : Before the Lok Sabha elections, BJP has taken a surprising step in Haryana. On Tuesday, Manohar Lal and his ministers tendered their resignations. Let us remind you that even when Manohar Lal was made the Chief Minister, this news shocked everyone. Similarly, Manohar Lal's resignation today is also surprising people.

Four main reasons for changing CM

  1. It is being told. That there was an anti-incumbency wave against the govt of 9.5 years. This step has been taken by BJP to cut it.
  2. Another reason is being told. That the occasion was becoming royally dominant in the state. The ministers were angry, but Manohar Lal failed to rein in him.
  3. The third reason is being told. That in order to bring forward the backward classes in the state, Naib Singh Saini has been given the post of CM in place of CM Manohar Lal.
  4. Like MP and Rajasthan, BJP wanted to provide new leadership in Haryana too, hence the CM has been changed.

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PM had praised a day before

A day before Manohar Lal's resignation, PM Modi had praised Manohar Lal a lot. While inaugurating the Dwarka Expressway in Gurugram on March 11, the PM had shared old memories and said that he had an old friendship with Manohar Lal. Manohar Lal had a motorcycle, which Manohar used to drive and Modi ji used to sit behind him. Many times Amit Shah has also been seen praising Manohar Lal.

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Manohar Lal can go to the center

The way Modi ji and Amit Shah are seen praising Manohar Lal. It seems that way. That now he will be seen in the central govt. There are many discussions going on regarding this matter. One side is being heard. That Manohar Lal can go to the Central Cabinet by contesting the MP election from Karnal. On the other hand, some people say this. That they can be given greater responsibility in the organization. Due to his association with the Sangh, his name can also be given as the national president. However, no official information has been given about it yet.

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Publish Date: March 15, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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