Haryana News: Pollution Has Reached High Level in Haryana, Govt Will Conduct investigation To Know The Reason

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Haryana News : Pollution is continuously increasing with time. Haryana government is making its best efforts to control pollution. Despite the efforts made by the government, pollution is not reducing. Even today there are many such districts of Haryana. Which are affected by pollution. The government is trying to find out. Why is pollution not reducing despite so many efforts? Due to this, the government has planned to closely study the cities affected by pollution.

Reasons for increase in pollution will be found out

To control pollution, the government is banning stubble burning every year. Due to the efforts of the government, incidents of stubble burning have reduced. But the pollution level is not decreasing. Now a scientific study of pollution will be done and the reasons for its increase will be found out and work will be done to remove them. The report for Faridabad is being prepared after scientific study of pollution. The study of pollution in Panipat, Sonipat and Gurugram districts has also been approved till August 2024.

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Main reasons for increasing pollution

Ravindra Khaiwal, environmental expert and professor of PGI's School of Public Health, while giving information, said that it is not only the burning of stubble that causes pollution, but the reasons behind pollution are vehicle smoke, burning of garbage, tandoors used in restaurants, and tire rubbing. Flying dust also plays an important role in spreading pollution. Apart from this, most of the pollution is caused by smoke coming from vehicles and industries and burning of garbage and stubble.

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Pollution level will be identified

Giving information, Haryana State Pollution Control Board Chairman Raghavendra Raghav said that this time very little stubble has been burnt in the state. Still pollution is increasing. This scientific study will identify vehicular and non-vehicular pollution sources and ground level concentrations. From this we will also know at what time pollution increases.

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Publish Date: November 6, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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