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Haryana Rain Forecast: Weather Will Remain Changeable in Haryana Till 25th September

Weather Will Remain Changeable in Haryana Till 25th September

Haryana Rain Forecast :- As you know. That for the last few days, continuous changes are being seen in the weather of Haryana. Sometimes the weather becomes completely pleasant due to light drizzle. Sometimes due to strong sunlight (Haryana Today Weather Update) people start feeling the heat again. Now once again a change will be seen in the weather of the state. A forecast regarding the weather has been issued by the Meteorological Department (Haryana Rain Forecast).

Weather will remain changeable in Haryana till 25th September

According to the forecast issued by the Meteorological Department, due to the partial effect of Western Disturbance and a cyclonic circulation forming over Rajasthan (Haryana Rain Forecast), monsoon winds may move towards the Arabian Sea. In such a situation, the weather in Haryana state is generally expected to remain variable till September 25. Meanwhile, from tonight to September 24, light drizzle along with occasional thunderstorms (Haryana Today Weather Update) can be seen at many places. Due to drizzle, people will get relief from the heat, there is a possibility of drop in temperature also. Because of which people will soon start experiencing mild cold in the coming time.

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Publish Date: September 22, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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