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Highway Going To Be Built Soon Till Taranagar-Churu Via Sirsa-Nohar, Survey Work Will Also Start

Highway Going To Be Built Soon Till Taranagar-Churu Via Sirsa-Nohar, Survey Work Will Also Start

Highways: The National Highways Ministry has started the survey of a private company for the construction of Sirsa-Nohar via Taranagar-Churu Highway in May-June last year. With the construction of the highway, employment and bus services will increase in the area. After conducting the survey, the private firm will submit the report to the concerned department. After this the report will be sent to the National Highway Ministry. The route from Sirsa-Nohar to Churu via Taranagar will be connected to National Highway no.

the journey will be like this

The establishment of Sirsa-Nohar-Taranagar Highway will provide convenience to vehicles coming from Churu, Chalkoi, Taranagar, Sahwa, Nohar, Fefana and Sirsa. People going from Nohar to Churu towards Punjab including Sriganganagar, Hanumangarh and Suratgarh will get direct highway.

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The new highway will run easily from there to Churu and Jaipur-Delhi. The width of the highway under construction will be 15 feet. It will later be developed into two lanes and four lanes. The process of land acquisition will begin after the feasibility survey is completed.

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Commuters will benefit most from the highway. They perform Dhok from Sirsa to Salasar (Rajasthan). The newly constructed highway will also visit Sahwa, a holy pilgrimage site of the Sikh community in Punjab and Haryana. Thousands of Sahwas come from Punjab and Haryana every year. People coming to Hanumangarh from Sirsa will benefit from this.

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The survey job has been given to a firm. Who started the survey from Churu. The survey team will give details of the damaged bridges causing obstruction during construction around the roads below the highway in the survey report. The investigation report will be sent to the National Highway Ministry after receiving it from the department. Vinod Sharma, XEN, Churu Road Public Works Department

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Publish Date: January 06, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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