How Long Will Cold Continue To Wreak Havoc in These States including Delhi

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Weather Update: Northern states including NCR are also unlikely to get respite from the harsh cold. Winter is not going away due to the temperature falling or rising from time to time. This year, there may be shivering cold till mid-February.

This time the weather has changed.

Scientists say. That the strong western disturbance has changed the weather somewhat this time. The winds are slow. And the humidity is 90%. It doesn't even rain. There is moderate to dense fog in Delhi, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. Clouds are also forming at lower levels.

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Due to all these reasons, the sun's heat does not reach the earth properly, due to which sometimes cold days and sometimes cold waves occur. Meteorologists say. That there will be no change in the weather for the next few days. A new western disturbance will become active on January 26. There will be no direct impact on the plains, but there may be snowfall in the mountains.

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How long will the severe cold last?

The coldness of this snowfall can once again shiver the entire North India. If northwest winds bring it. Another western disturbance is expected from January 30 to January 31. Scientists say. That these conditions can continue to cause shivering cold till mid-February. There is no exaggeration in this. If cold days or freezing conditions occur again.

If it rains. So the weather pattern may change. But this will not happen this month. There was no snowfall or rain even last December. This year also the situation is almost the same. What is December this time? It didn't even rain in January. Also, it is colder in January than in December. And it is released in February. Scientists do not rule out the effects of climate change behind this change in the weather cycle.

The reason for this is the irregularity of western disturbances. However, this is not likely to change this week either. An additional western earthquake at the end of the month is also being considered. Naresh Kumar, Senior Scientist, Indian Meteorological Department

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Publish Date: January 24, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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