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IMD issued Alert Fog Will Remain in These Districts of UP Till December 11

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Weather Today Update: For your information, the sky is now clear after unseasonal rain. The first fog of the season was seen on Tuesday morning. There was no visibility at this time. Fog will remain effective in the coming days also. Fog is expected in the evening. There was fog throughout the day in the early hours of Monday. Apart from open spaces, highways and expressways, its impact was also seen on the internal roads of the city. During this time he was visible only for a few feet. Vision was almost zero.

It was very difficult for the drivers of school Kids. But soon the fog disappeared due to the bright sunshine. The sky will be clear in the afternoon and the temperature will increase after sunshine. Now the maximum temperature is 24.9 degrees Celsius. Which is just one degree less than normal. It was 20 degrees on Monday. The minimum temperature was 12.6 degrees Celsius, three degrees above normal.

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Sunny in the afternoon, fog in the evening

At present the Meteorological Department said that fog will remain till December 11. This may continue till morning. There will be bright sunshine in the afternoon and the sky will be clear. There will be fog in the evening. Fog can be effective even at night. The night temperature may drop meanwhile. It may drop four degrees.

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no less pollution

Most of the air in cities is still poisonous. However, the situation has improved in some cities. Pollution is also increasing due to increase in smog and fog. Even now there is bad air in almost all the cities of northern UP. AQI is still beyond 200 in Noida, Ghaziabad, Meerut and Muzaffarnagar. Varanasi's air is the best recorded there. The AQI of the city is below 50.

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Publish Date: December 06, 2023  

Posted By Sunil

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