India Railway: While Traveling By Train, You Must Have Seen The Boards of C/FA & W/L, Do You Know Their Meaning

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While Traveling By Train, You Must Have Seen The Boards of C/FA & W/L

India Railway: Train is the easiest mode of transportation for Indians. These are the reasons. That is the heaviest load on the train. Most people still consider train as the best means of traveling. Hardly anyone would have not traveled by train. If you are sitting in the train, you will see only C/FA and W/L written.

C/F and W/L are written everywhere along the railway tracks. You may have hardly considered why these boards are written. Today we will give information about it. People also asked questions related to this on the online platform Quora, on which many different answers were received.

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The sign says

There are many sign boards in railways like C/FA and W/L. This sign is written on the yellow board on the side of the track. Signboard is also extremely important for C/FA and W/L security. These sign boards tell that the driver should blow the horn when the train reaches that area. Simply put, this is a whistle information for railway crossing. It means. Either whistle or gate. These sign boards are usually made within 250 to 600 meters of the railway crossing.

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These yellow boards are very important

These boards have yellow color. This is because the bright color board is visible from a distance. We all use railways. But most of the information about it is not known. But it would be good to know about it from security point of view also. It also helps railways and common people to avoid accidents.

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Publish Date: November 4, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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