Indian Railway: This is India Longest Non-Stop Train, Runs 465 KM Non-Stop

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Longest Train Route in India, Check the Train Route

Indian Railway: India's first train was run on 16 April 1853 from Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to Thane for a distance of 35 km. Indian Railways has proved to be a boon for the people here. At present, 13,452 passenger trains run daily in India. And covers more than 7000 railway stations. Trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Tejas, Duronto and Vande Bharat Express etc. have got the status of fastest trains. But do you know? Which are such trains in the country? Which runs nonstop.

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Many long distance trains run from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in the country. Due to the greater distance, the travel time of these trains is longer. Therefore, stoppages are kept less in these trains. So that passengers can reach their destination quickly. Today we are going to tell you about one such train. Which is the longest non-stop train in the country.

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465 km journey nonstop

For information, let us tell you that this train travels for 4:30 hours without stopping. The name of this train is Delhi – Mumbai Tejas Rajdhani Express. This train covers a distance of 465 km without any stoppage. Usually, many trains take 10 to 12 stoppages within a distance of 445 kms. But this vehicle keeps running continuously with the same speed. However, before this, the longest non-stop train in the country was the Nizamuddin – Trivandrum Rajdhani Express. This train covered a distance of 528 km without stopping. Earlier this Indian Railway train used to run non-stop between Kota and Vadodara, but now a stoppage has also been made between them at Ratlam.

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Route of nonstop train

New Delhi - Mumbai Tejas Rajdhani Express departs from New Delhi station at 4:55 pm. And its first stop is Kota Junction. For information, let us tell you that meanwhile this train travels nonstop for 465 kms. After this the train reaches Mumbai Central via Nagda, Ratlam, Vadodara, Surat and Borivali. This train covers the distance of 1380 km between Delhi and Mumbai in 14.40 hours.

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Publish Date: September 6, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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