Petrol Pumps Strike : Petrol Pumps Closed, Drivers Kept Wandering, Demand To Make VAT Equal To Neighboring States

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Petrol Pumps Strike

Petrol Pumps Strike : Hanumangarh, A strike started at about 130 petrol pumps in the district from 6 am on Sunday on the call of Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association, demanding to make the VAT rates on petrol and diesel at par with neighboring states Punjab-Haryana. Petroleum dealers of the district are on strike under the banner of Hanumangarh Petroleum Dealers Association demanding reduction in VAT (Value Added Tax) rates on petrol and diesel. The strike will continue till 6 am on March 12.

However, due to non-participation in the strike, the petrol pumps of Essar Company remained open like other days. There was a crowd throughout the day to fill petrol and diesel at the Essar petrol pump opened near Peeli Chakki in the junction. Diesel and petrol are not being filled in any vehicle except the vehicles connected to emergency services at the closed petrol pumps. The government is losing revenue worth crores of rupees due to the strike.

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Shopkeepers benefited from the strike of petrol pump operators

On the other hand, drivers unaware of the petroleum dealers' strike were seen circling from one petrol pump to another to fill oil. Many two-wheeler drivers were also seen who had to drag their two-wheeler for long distances when their vehicle ran out of petrol. The strike of petrol pump operators has helped those shopkeepers who sell petrol secretly.

Hanumangarh Petroleum Dealers Association District President Patram Bhambhu said that the highest VAT is collected on petrol and diesel in Rajasthan in India. Due to this, the most expensive petrol and diesel is being sold in Sriganganagar-Hanumangarh. People from border districts are going to neighboring states to get petrol and diesel filled. Due to the huge difference in petrol and diesel prices compared to neighboring states, the sales at the pumps here have become close to zero. The pump operators here are not even in a position to meet their daily expenses.

There are 17 districts of Rajasthan which are border. The sales of petrol pumps in these districts have reduced significantly. There were several talks with the government in this regard. But the government did not listen to him. Therefore, the decision to strike was forced. There is a strike at petrol pumps in the entire state. If VAT is reduced then petrol in Rajasthan can reach around Rs 97 (cheaper by Rs 16), diesel can reach around Rs 90 (cheaper by Rs 11). He demanded that if the Rajasthan government reduces VAT to make it at par with Punjab, then the common people here will benefit a lot.

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Publish Date: March 10, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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