Rainfall In UP: These Districts of UP Will Receive Maximum Rainfall

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Rainfall In UP: It is extremely cold on one side in UP. On the other hand, the meteorological department has predicted rain. There is a possibility of rain for the next three days. According to the Meteorological Department, there are chances of rain or thundershowers at many places in Uttar Pradesh between Wednesday, January 3 and Friday, January 5.

A warning has also been issued that very dense fog will prevail at one or two places in the state during these three days. There will be no sunshine at one or two places in the state i.e. it will be a cold day.

According to the information received from the Zonal Meteorological Centre, a cyclonic pressure is present over North-East Bihar. A similar pressure is also concentrated in and around Haryana. A trough is also present in the central part of Uttar Pradesh till South West Madhya Pradesh. Because of this, there is a possibility of sporadic rain in the state.

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During the last 24 hours, day temperature was recorded much lower than normal in Kanpur, Bareilly, Moradabad, Meerut divisions. The day temperature was also below normal in Ayodhya, Kanpur, Lucknow, Moradabad, Agra and Meerut divisions. The night temperature in Meerut division also remained much lower than normal. During this period, the lowest night temperature in the state was recorded at 5.2 degrees Celsius in Shahjahanpur. Cold wave affected one or two places in western Uttar Pradesh.

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Bone-chilling cold left everyone in distress in Moradabad division.

The cold that has been going on for the last four days in Moradabad division left everyone shivering on Tuesday. Due to fog, minimum mercury was recorded at its lowest level in Moradabad, Rampur, Amroha and Sambhal districts of the division. When the night mercury dipped amidst the fog and melting cold air, people shivered. It was definitely sunny during the day, but with the onset of evening the conditions became like a cold day. During this period, there was less traffic on the roads and most of the people remained confined to their homes.

The suffering of severe cold has further increased in Moradabad district. People felt the teeth-gnashing cold during late night and early morning. When the night mercury dipped amidst the fog and melting icy wind, the cold shivered the bones. Severe cold affected life as the night minimum temperature reached six degrees Celsius. There was very little traffic on the roads. Most people remained holed up in their homes.

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Dense fog slowed down the pace of life again in Rampur. The minimum temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius. Due to sunshine during the day, the maximum temperature was recorded at 17 degrees Celsius and people felt some relief. People are worried due to increasing cold and business is also being adversely affected.

The minimum temperature in Amroha district was 7 degrees Celsius. However, the sky remained clear since morning and the problem of fog was relieved. There was light sunshine in the afternoon, which provided some relief from the cold. However, as the evening approached, the severity of cold increased again and people were soon confined to their homes. There was silence on the streets.

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The minimum temperature in Sambhal district reached 4 degrees Celsius. In such a situation, Tuesday was the coldest day of the season. People got relief due to light sunshine in the afternoon, but after 4 pm the cold wave troubled the people.

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Publish Date: January 03, 2024

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