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Rajasthan Weather: All Farmers of Rajasthan Should Be Careful, There May Be Heavy Rain in Many Districts Today

All Farmers of Rajasthan Should Be Careful

Weather Report: There may be very heavy rain in some parts of Rajasthan today. People from the weather department have warned about this. He also showed a picture to illustrate this.

Rajasthan is one such place. Where it is usually very hot. But now the cold is increasing here. Because it is raining intermittently. The temperature has dropped in many places. That's why people are feeling cold in the morning and evening.

Weather experts say. That there will be more rain in the next few days and this will further increase the cold in Rajasthan and other parts of North India.

The Meteorological Department in Jaipur has said. That there will be heavy rain in many areas of Rajasthan. He has warned. That the next day there may be very heavy rain and strong thunder in districts like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Nagaur, Ajmer, Sikar, Dausa, Bharatpur and Barmer.

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He has also asked farmers to be cautious and take necessary steps to protect their crops.

Sometimes due to western disturbance it rains in a place called Rajasthan. it means. That the wind blows very fast. Like between 20 to 30 km per hour. There was a possibility of rain in 7 districts on Sunday, but light rain occurred only in some parts of those districts.

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But today, on Monday, weather experts say. That there may be more rain. And it can also be quite heavy. It means this. That it will be even colder than before.

Due to the weather pattern called Western Disturbance, the temperature in Rajasthan is becoming quite cold. The temperature has dropped by a few degrees in places like Pilani, Phalodi, Bikaner and Jaisalmer.

Weather experts say. That after the western disturbance ends, the wind direction will change and the nights will become even colder in Rajasthan.

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Publish Date: October 24, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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