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Rapid Rail Corridor: Good News For People of Delhi-NCR, Now Rapid Rail Will Connect To This District

Rapid Rail Corridor: Good News For People of Delhi-NCR, Now Rapid Rail Will Connect To This District

Rapid Rail Corridor: For your information, let us tell you that now a plan is being made to bring the Delhi-Meerut Rapid Rail Corridor up to Muzaffarnagar. This issue was raised in the last meeting of the NCR Planning Board. The plan should be sent to Muzaffarnagar, hence the meeting has asked to prepare its feasibility report. There is a proposal to conduct a traffic study from NCRTC. To know how many passengers will be benefited by extending this corridor to Muzaffarnagar. After receiving the report of this traffic study, next steps will be taken in this direction.

Discussions are still ongoing on who will fund the traffic study. For this, funds will be received from Muzaffarnagar and NCR Planning Board. Officials say. That the work can be proceeded with only after receiving the traffic test report.

Other actions including DPR of the project are increased. When more and more passengers will benefit from its construction. It is known that Ghaziabad is being connected to Jewar by rapid rail network. Currently the train is running between Sahibabad-Duhai depot. Besides, trial has also been started from Duhai to Modinagar. Its operation is also set to start soon.

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People of Muzaffarnagar raised demands

Officials present in the meeting said that there is a public demand to build a rapid rail from Meerut to Muzaffarnagar. Due to which the people there approached the Uttar Pradesh government. He claims. That half of Meerut is still covered by rapid rail. Extending it till Muzaffarnagar will greatly benefit the local people. They will be able to reach Delhi, Ghaziabad and Noida easily.

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District joined NCRR in 2018

Before 2018, Muzaffarnagar was not included in NCR. Joined in 2018. The NCR Planning Board has now included it in traffic movement and other developments as well. How much will local people benefit from being connected to Rapid Rail? NCR Planning Board has decided to conduct its traffic study.

People of the district will have to go easily

Every day many people go to Muzaffarnagar from Ghaziabad. They come from Ghaziabad to Muzaffarnagar to work. People from Muzaffarnagar go to work in Ghaziabad, Delhi, Noida. By expanding, people will save a lot of time. This will also help a lot in reducing pollution. Currently it takes more than two hours to go from Ghaziabad to Muzaffarnagar. With this, the time will be reduced to about one hour.

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Publish Date: January 27, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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