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Special Buttons Will Be installed in Roadways Buses, People Will Get information About The Correct Location

Special Buttons Will Be installed in Roadways Buses

Roadways Bus Special Button: A special effort has been made to run UP Roadways buses on multiple routes in Noida and Greater Noida depots of Uttar Pradesh. Vehicle location tracking devices and panic buttons will be installed by the government in roadways buses. With this, people will know the exact location of roadways buses.

NP Singh said that the government has ordered to install vehicle tracking equipment. So that we can know the actual location of the buses. Passengers will get the location of buses. With this the headquarters will be able to take care of them. LED display panels and booking systems will also be installed at roadways bus stations under the Nirbhaya scheme. Details of incoming and outgoing buses will be shown on the screen.

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There will be twelve panic buttons on the bus

NP Singh said that keeping in mind the safety of women, the government will leave one seat and install panic buttons in roadways buses. There are twelve panic buttons throughout the bus. Panic button will help to avoid emergency situations. As soon as the panic button is pressed, 112 police, transport corporation headquarters and the nearest RM office will get immediate information.

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Publish Date: October 24, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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