Strange Facts: A Village Where People Afraid To Even Take Their Kids Out of House, You Will Be Surprised To Know Reason

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A Village Where People Afraid To Even Take Their Kids Out of House, You Will Be Surprised To Know Reason

Strange Facts: There is always discussion. That physical activities are decreasing in our lifestyle. Be it kids or adults, they are not that physically active. Nowadays kids waste all their time playing games on mobile phones. Due to which they suffer many types of losses.

Which also includes not being physically active. This is the reason. That parents often ask kids to play in the park or outside the house. You will be surprised that there are such places in the world where parents ask their kids to stay at home and play. Not by going out.

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What are parents' fears?

The Daily Star reported that there is a location in the UK. Whose name is Norwich. kids are strictly prohibited from playing outside in Norwich. Those people are always afraid. That if the kids go out. So they can't come back. No ghosts or spirits live in that village, nor are kids killed or kidnapped.

Now you may also be wondering why parents do not allow their kids to go out alone. Let us tell you. Why do parents do this?

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reason to go out of the house

The entire area of that village is not considered safe. That's why there is a fear of putting kids in the ground. Yes, in the small village of Thorpe Hamlet it is very dangerous for kids to leave the house. The village people say. That many sinkholes have formed on the road outside the house.

In which everyone will fit in at some time, so they ask their kids to play at home only. The people of this village also have this problem. That the ever-expanding sinkholes could submerge their houses too. This is the reason. That the people there have almost stopped coming out of their homes.

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How was the sinkhole discovered?

The sinkhole was first discovered in that village when a garden tree went missing. However, the authorities have imposed a ban on the banks of these pits. Still, extra measures need to be taken. Recently a 12 feet deep pit has formed in the village. Due to which people's troubles have increased. Now the villagers feel. That these sinkholes could kill them at any time.

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Publish Date: January 02, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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