Sunil And Shenki's Cow Shakira Becomes Milking Champion

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Karnal: Today we have brought a news for you from Karnal district of Haryana. A cow from the district has made a record in the cattle fair. Cow Shakira of Karnal district has made a big record. This cow has given record breaking milk in Push Mela. This is being discussed everywhere. Sunil and Shakey's cow Shakira of Jhanjhadi village of Karnal has set a big record in milk production. A cattle fair was organized by the Dairy Association (DFA) in Kurukshetra.

Sunil and Shenki's cow Shakira becomes Milking Champion

Sunil and Shenki's cow Shakira also came to the fair and became milking champion. Shakira cow made a record by giving 80 liters 756 grams of milk in 24 hours. With this, Shakira has become the cow that gives the most milk in 24 hours in Asia. Along with the reward, the cow owners have also received bikes as gifts. Animal farmer Sunil informed that he and his brother have been running a dairy farm for 12 years. He has hundreds of small and big animals. He belongs to a farmer family. And before that his grandfather used to do animal husbandry along with farming.

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They take their animals to all the competitions held in different states.

After that his father did animal husbandry along with farming and now he has also started doing the same work. He has built a dairy farm. And taking care of animals. Describing about milking champion Shakira cow, Malik said that its age is 6 and a half years. These cows are HF breed cows. Which give more milk than other breeds. Shakira is given green and dry fodder and feed. Sunil told that he attends all the competitions or fairs held in different states of India. They take their animals there. And participate.

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Due to excess milk is being removed from the machine

Animal owner Sunil milked Shakira cow three times in a day. Milk is being expressed at an interval of 8 hours. There is more milk. Therefore milk is being extracted with machines. It is being said. That Shakira Cow has made a record in Asia. And before this, the record of giving maximum 72 liters of milk in 24 hours was in his name.

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Publish Date: January 18, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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