Traffic Rules: Drivers Must Know This News, Now AI Will immediately issue Challan in Delhi

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Traffic Rules: For your information, let us tell you that now it will be difficult to face challan by ignoring traffic rules on the roads of Delhi. Till now in Delhi, cameras used to issue challan only for crossing red light. However, the camera will also issue challan for riding a two-wheeler without a helmet, tripping or driving without a seat belt in a car. Delhi Transport Infrastructure Corporation (DTIDC) has come up with the idea of introducing Artificial Intelligence (AI) based automatic number plate reader cameras.

Those who break traffic rules will no longer get justice

This decision has been taken in view of the increasing road accidents in the capital. In 2023, there were 2,338 accidents in Delhi, 1457 people died. At the same time, challan was issued to 1.98 lakh people for not wearing helmets. DTIDC officials said the AI-based camera will now enforce rules on the roads without manual intervention. Will also update it on the vehicle portal. Road Safety Authority has installed these cameras.

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Companies will have to operate themselves

DTIDC officials said the companies have been invited through tender. Companies will have to install cameras themselves. The government will pay him every month according to the challan number. There will be a contract for the first six months. After correct results it will be extended to five years.

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Know how AI will work

The AI-based camera will instantly read your vehicle's number plate if you break rules on the road. After this, it will be directly connected to the vehicle portal, which maintains the records of every vehicle. Then after creating the challan of the vehicle, it will update the real time data on

  • Camera will invoice in this category only
  • riding a two-wheeler without a helmet
  • when the car comes from the wrong direction
  • Three people on a two-wheeler
  • driving a car without a seat belt
  • He will give information even after the age of the vehicles is complete.
  • talking on mobile while driving
  • Apart from overspending, PUC and insurance

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incident file

Starting with 100-500 cameras costing Rs 20 crore, which will have the capability to do challan in the 15 to 19 range.

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last year challan in delhi

There were 6,28,634 challans in 2023, which included 1.98 lakh challans for not wearing a helmet, 1.18 lakh challans for not stopping at the stop line, 26,202 challans for triple riding, and 6275 challans for talking on mobile.

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Publish Date: January 11, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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