UP This Area is Most Affected By Pollution, it is Also Coldest Here

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UP This Area is Most Affected By Pollution, it is Also Coldest Here

UP News: Air pollution has become very bad in UP. There has been no improvement in this since Diwali. Many cities are covered with fog in the morning. Its effect lasts for a long time. People's health is in danger due to pollution in many districts of Uttar Pradesh including NCR. On Monday, Meerut set two records in accidents and pollution. Meerut remained at the forefront in pollution in the state, but was the coldest in the plains.

Meerut was the coldest in minimum temperature in November. Cold north-westerly winds have started blowing in the plains from today. A drop in day and night temperatures and reduction in pollution is expected in Meerut for the next three-four days. Western disturbance will again come to the mountains, due to which the speed of winds in the plains will stop and the pollution graph will start going up again. Possible disturbance may affect the plains also. The minimum temperature in Meerut on Monday was 10.6 degrees Celsius, according to the weather department bulletin. This was the lowest temperature in Meerut. On Monday, the night of Meerut i.e. the plains was the coldest.

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Temperature decreased at night

The temperature in Meerut was 26.4 degrees Celsius during the day. On Sunday, the day temperature rose by 0.4 degrees Celsius and fell by 0.9 degrees Celsius at night. Meerut's AQI of 348 was also very bad. On Monday, only Meerut in Uttar Pradesh remained at AQI 348. Meerut ranked sixth among the most polluted cities in the country.

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Poor air quality

At 9 pm, the AQI of Ganga Nagar was 359, while that of Pallavapuram was 362. There is no information in Jaibhim Nagar. PM-2.5 level in Ganga Nagar was 443, 441 and Pallavapuram was 404, 405. The PM-2.5 level was at both the centres, while the PM-10 level was below five hundred. Despite this, there is very bad pollution at both these centres.

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The air of Tajpur is not improving

Agra, India's capital, winds are not reducing carbon monoxide. Vehicles release poison into the air. People's health is deteriorating due to this poison. No solution has been successful.

There was a lot of carbon in the city even on Monday. Sanjay Place area is the worst. Despite this, there are many government offices here. There are about two dozen departments in the CDO office. Apart from this there are many private offices. Thousands of people visit this important workplace daily. Due to excess carbon here, smoke is reaching people's lungs. Carbon in this area is 35 to 40 times higher than its standards. If the eyes remain open for some time, then cough starts. Whereas fine and dust particles are not decreasing in Awas Vikas Colony and Shastrapuram in the area close to Taj Mahal. Apart from the main roads, spraying is not being done at other places also.

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The temperature will drop, fog will also appear

The maximum temperature in Agra on Monday was 28.1 degrees Celsius, which was one degree below normal. The minimum temperature was 14.7 degrees Celsius, two degrees above normal. The highest percentage of humidity was 94. Meteorological Department says. That from Tuesday the night temperature will drop and there will be fog for three days. Then the sky will be clear.

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Publish Date: November 21, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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