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UP Weather: Weather Will Change in UP, IMD issued Alert, Fog & Temperature Will Fall in 72 Hours

Weather Will Change in UP, IMD issued Alert, Fog & Temperature Will Fall in 72 Hours

UP Weather: For your information, there is still cold wave in most of the divisions of the state including the capital Lucknow. There will be no significant change in the weather in the next 24 hours. Indian Meteorological Center scientist Atul Kumar Singh said that on Thursday also there will be an outbreak of chill and thaw due to strong cold westerly wind. There will be light sunshine during the day, but the temperature will be low at night. At present, dense fog is expected at some places in the state for the next three days. The chill increased on Wednesday. There was no sunshine. The Meteorological Department said that in the last 24 hours there was heavy rain at some places in the state and at some places there was dense and at some places very dense fog.

During the day, the temperature dropped significantly in Kanpur, Jhansi and Agra divisions of the state. Also, the day temperature was much lower than normal in many divisions including Agra. Temperatures were below normal in the states of Kanpur, Ayodhya, Noida and Jhansi during the day. The lowest night temperature in Meerut was 5.9 degrees Celsius. The temperature will drop two to three degrees during the day.

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Cold diarrhea in Kids, be careful

This is the most dangerous time for small Kids. Cold diarrhea is spreading rapidly in Kids. In such a situation, one should be careful. Ten to fifteen Kids are suffering from cold diarrhea in the OPD of district hospitals. This disease often occurs in small Kids due to low immunity. This season is the time of cold diseases, especially cold and fever. Additionally, the chances of developing pneumonia are higher when one is unwell. If you want to protect Kids from cold. So increase the room temperature.

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Publish Date: January 11, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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