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Does Drinking Alcohol Really Keep Body Warm in Winter, Know What Experts Say

Does Drinking Alcohol Really Keep Body Warm in Winter

Liquor: Most people believe. That the body becomes hot by drinking alcohol or cigarette. If you also think so. So you are absolutely wrong. Because alcohol increases the cold in the body. Actually alcohol reduces the core temperature of the body.

But most people drink alcohol in winter. Because they think. That alcohol keeps the body warm. If you want to stay warm. So stay away from alcohol and drink adequate amount of water.

There is an old saying. That rum or whiskey keeps you warm. but it's not like that. Drinking rum or whiskey takes you a while. That your body is getting hot. But in reality it reduces the heat inside the body. Due to which the fluid in the body reduces. Alcohol also weakens the body's ability to survive the cold.

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water shortage problem

This is true. That as soon as winter comes, people's thirst starts decreasing. Due to which they start drinking less water. But you may suffer from dehydration due to this. By drinking less water we start facing many problems. Hypothermia can also occur due to this.

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Alcohol can add fuel to the fire. Therefore, it is best to drink adequate amount of water in winter. All body parts require water to function. If we do not drink enough water, we will feel more hungry and due to overeating, our weight will increase.

Need for more water in winter

Some people believe. That in winter our body neither sweats nor releases water. Therefore we do not need to drink too much water. But this is not at all true. The air is very dry in winter. Therefore we do not get moisture from the air.

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But like the summer season, our body's energy is also consumed in winter. Like heat, we also need water to consume energy. Therefore, if our body does not get enough water, our body fluid will decrease and we will become dehydrated.

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Publish Date: January 02, 2024

Posted By Abhishek

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