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Vande Bharat: New Schedule of Vande Bharat Passing Through Haryana, Know How Much Fare

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Haryana Vande Bharat: On December 30, Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave green signal to six Vande Bharat Express and two Amrit Bharat trains. Haryana has also received two Vande Bharat Express trains. Which will run at Ambala Cantt station. Vande Bharat running between Katra to New Delhi on 4th January and Vande Bharat running between Amritsar to Old Delhi on 6th January will be on track.

Equipped with many modern facilities

This Made in India Vande Bharat Express train will run at a speed of 130 km/h. At the same time, you will see the use of many latest technologies in these trains. Each coach will have a big screen like a metro which will show where the train is going from. Which station have you arrived at? What is the distance from the next station? And tells the speed of the train. You will hear this information in Hindi and English.

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Voice recording facility with CCTV

To strengthen the security system, CCTV cameras have been installed in each coach. Voice recording systems are also working in trains. During the trial, an RPF jawan noticed that he was sitting with his legs crossed on the other seat.

Just 15 minutes later he was called and asked to sit. A control room has been set up in Delhi. Which monitors every activity happening in the train through CCTV and voice recording as well as GPS system.

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sensor equipped doors

In Vande Bharat, the doors to switch from one coach to another are equipped with sensors. Additionally, every van and coach is equipped with an emergency talk bank. You have to press a button in the center to place your luggage. Then you will have to express your views on the mic. Not only this, there is a charging point under the seat in the train. And there is an illumination light above the seat.

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The train will not run without closing the window

This is a special feature of Vande Bharat train. That the train will not move unless all the windows are closed. Even if the train starts running with the windows open, it will stop completely after running at a speed of five km per hour. During the journey, the pilot will open the windows on the side on which the station will be approached.

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Katra- New Delhi Vande Bharat Schedule

Train Number 22478 will depart from Katra at 6 am, reach Ambala Cantt at 11:44 pm and reach New Delhi at 2 pm. For return, train number 22477 will leave from New Delhi at 3 pm, which will reach Ambala Cantt at 5:10 pm and Katra at 11 pm. Midway the train will stop at Jammu, Ludhiana and Ambala Cantt.

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Amritsar- Old Delhi Vande Bharat Schedule

Vande Bharat Train No. 22488 will depart from Amritsar at 8.20 am and reach Ambala Cantt at 11:34 am and reach Old Delhi at 1:50 pm. In return, train number 22487 will leave from Old Delhi at 3:15 pm.

Which will reach Ambala Cantt at 5:27 pm and Amritsar at 8:45 pm. Midway, the train will have a stoppage of 2-2 minutes at Beas, Jalandhar Cantt, Phagwara, Ludhiana, Sahnewal and Ambala Cantt stations.

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Publish Date: January 04, 2024

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