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Weather Report: There May Be Heavy Rain in Haryana in The Next 2 Days

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Weather Report: The weather will be really good and sunny in Haryana for the next two days. But after that the weather will start changing. Meteorologists say. That the weather will remain dry and clear for two more days. But from November 25 to 28, there may be some clouds in different parts of the state.

The weather in Haryana this week may see light rain at night on 27th or 28th November. It will be cold during the day and a little warm at night. People may feel even more cold. Because there has not been much rain in the last two months. However, it usually rains more during this period.

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Farmers in Haryana are happy because the weather right now is very good for wheat cultivation. The temperatures are perfect. Neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature remains around 28 degrees during the day and 10 degrees at night. This type of weather is good for wheat plants. Therefore, farmers will get a good crop.

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Publish Date: November 24, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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