Weather: There Will Be Severe Cold in These States of Country, IMD Gave information

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Weather: For your information, Punjab, Haryana and entire North India is facing heavy cold wave due to cold winds. Due to lack of sunlight the chill has increased. The Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert of severe cold in Delhi, Punjab and Haryana. Dense fog affected road, train and air services. Dense fog led to the cancellation of 225 domestic and foreign flights since late Tuesday night. At the same time, more than 125 trains ran late by two to ten hours.

The maximum temperature was more than 6.8 degrees

On Wednesday, the temperature in Amritsar was 6.8 degrees below normal. Whereas 12.6 degrees were recorded in Patiala, 12.2 degrees in Pathankot, 11.0 degrees in Faridkot and 10.1 degrees in SBS Nagar. Punjab's lowest temperature was 0.8 degrees, but 1.6 degrees above normal. The temperature in Patiala is 6.2 degrees. It is 6.1 degrees in Ludhiana. It is 6.6 degrees in Amritsar. And in Pathankot it is 7.6 degrees. Faridkot 6.0, SBS Nagar 5.7 and Faridkot 8.1.

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Cold and fog in Haryana, Fatehabad coldest

Fatehabad was the coldest in Haryana. The temperature was 5.4 degrees Celsius, while it was 5.7 degrees Celsius in Bathinda. It is freezing cold in Haryana also. Karnal was the coldest at 6 degrees Celsius, while Chandigarh, the capital of both the states, was the coldest at 7.2 degrees Celsius.

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The plains of Himachal Pradesh are in the grip of dense fog.

There was dense fog in the plains of Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday morning and evening. It is bitterly cold in the morning and evening. The lowest temperature during the weather change in these areas was less than four degrees. On Thursday also, yellow alert has been issued for fog in many areas of Una, Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Kangra including Solan, Mandi and Sirmaur.

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No respite from cold till 20 in Jammu and Kashmir

There is extremely cold weather in the midst of dry season in Jammu and Kashmir. People are not expected to get relief from the dry winter till January 20. Because cold wave is going on. On January 17, the Meteorological Department said that due to western disturbance, there may be light snowfall in the mountainous areas. It is colder in Jammu than in Srinagar. On Wednesday, the day temperature in Jammu fell 9.1 degrees below normal to 9, while in Srinagar it rose 6.8 degrees below normal to 12.9 degrees. The temperature in most parts of Kashmir is minus at night. There is a layer of ice on Dal Lake and other water bodies. The temperature in Leh on Tuesday night was minus 11.2 degrees Celsius.

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Publish Date: January 11, 2024

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