7th Pay Commission: Increase in Pension of Govt Employees

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7th Pay Commission: Increase in Pension of Govt Employees

7th Pay Commission: In the 7th Pay Commission, huge pension facility has been given to the families of government employees. If both the spouses were government employees and protected under the CCS (Pension) Rules of 1972, then after their death their Kids (nominees) can get two pensions. The maximum pension will be Rs 1.25 lakh. Some specific rules apply on the basis on which this pension will be received. Under which the family of a government employee should come.

As per sub-rule (11) of Rule 54 of the Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules, 1972, if the spouse of a Government servant is covered under this rule. So after his death his Kids will be entitled to two family pensions. This family pension can be around Rs 1.25 lakh.

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This rule says. That if one of the members (husband or wife) dies after retirement from government service. So the other member (husband or wife) will get family pension. If both die after retirement. So the child or Kids will receive family pension.

What was the first rule?

According to the first rule, the surviving Kids got a family pension of Rs 45,000 if the government employee died. This rule was in sub-rule (3) of Pension Rule 54. According to sub-rule (2), if both the Kids had received family pension, this amount would have been Rs 27 thousand. According to CCA rules, two families were to receive a maximum pension of 50 per cent and 30 per cent of Rs 90,000, as per the Sixth Pay Commission rules. It was Rs 45 thousand and Rs 27 thousand against Rs 90 thousand.

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What are the new rules?

The 7th Pay Commission (7th Pay Commission) has fixed the maximum pension amount at Rs 2,50,000. This is the reason. That the family pension rules have been changed. Both husband and wife are government employees. And if they die after retirement, their Kids will get a pension of Rs 1.25 lakh and a second family pension of Rs 75 thousand.

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The government has fixed the family pension at Rs 2.5 lakh per month in the rules in lieu of the 7th Pay Commission (7th Pay Commission). The release said. That the nominee will get twenty-five percent of the total Rs 2.5 lakh i.e. Rs 1.25 lakh as family pension instead of Rs 45 thousand per month from 1.1.2016. Now the earlier pension of Rs 27 thousand has been reduced to 30 percent of Rs 2.5 lakh, i.e. Rs 75 thousand.

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Publish Date: November 19, 2023

Posted By Sunil

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