Palwal Temple: This Famous 700 Year Old Temple is in Palwal

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Palwal News: There are many such temples in India. Whose story is very mysterious and unique. There is a similar temple in Palwal, Haryana. Which is famous by the name of Baniwala Temple. It is said that Baba Udasnath had reached Kurada village of Palwal about 700 years ago. There he had asked for a place for the mausoleum, but people said that we have to settle the entire village here. So you go somewhere else.

Baba Miracle in Alavpur

Mahant Balram Das of Baniwala temple told that when Baba Udas Nath reached Alawalpur village 700 years ago, he asked for water from an old man. The person said, Baba, there is no water here in the forest. Baba said to bring water from the well in front. On this the old man said that this well is poisonous. Forget about drinking its water, even if a bird sits on this well, it will die. After this Baba smiled and said that a cow is grazing in front. Bring out her milk. Then the old man said, Baba, this cow has not yet given birth to a child. Therefore it will not give milk. Baba said you should try once. To please Baba, when the old man milked the cow, the cow started giving milk. Everyone was surprised to see this miracle of Baba.

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Famous temple named Baniwala

Seeing the miracles of Baba Udas Nath, the residents of Alawalpur village requested him to stay there. Baba agreed to the villagers and decided to take Samadhi outside in the forest. At the time when Baba took Samadhi there, there was no village established there. There was only dense forest there, hence this later temple was named Bani Wala Temple.

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A fair is held in Phagun.

At present, a cow shed has also been built in this temple. In which about 2000 cows are served. Raw cow's milk is offered to Baba. Bhandaras are held in the temple every day. And Aarti is also performed both morning and evening. An annual fair is held here on the new moon day of Phagun month. People come here from far and wide to see the fair. 112 nearby villages come to this temple for darshan. It is told. That Baba fulfills the wishes of all the devotees who come here.

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Publish Date: March 15, 2024

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