These 5 Foods Provide Magnesium, include Them in Your Diet immediately

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Magnesium Rich Foods

Magnesium Rich Foods : In today's time, we should take more care of our body. For this, diets rich in protein, fiber, iron and magnesium should be consumed. Like protein, fiber, calcium and iron, magnesium is also one of the essential nutrients for our body. Its deficiency increases the risk of problems like fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches, asthma, osteoporosis, insomnia, and mental illnesses. Therefore, you should include such foods in your diet which are rich in magnesium.

Magnesium rich diet

To maintain magnesium in the body, pumpkin seeds should be included in your diet. Regular consumption of pumpkin seeds does not cause magnesium deficiency in the body.


If there is magnesium deficiency in the body then banana should be consumed. Its consumption provides relief from problems caused by magnesium deficiency. Along with magnesium, vitamins, manganese, potassium and fiber are also found in banana.

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If problems like tingling, fatigue are being seen in the body. So Tide should be consumed regularly. Because it is rich in magnesium. Which removes magnesium deficiency.


If there is magnesium deficiency in the body then one should start consuming sprouted moong. Because magnesium is found in abundance in it.


To overcome magnesium deficiency in the body, spinach should be consumed regularly. Because it contains abundant amounts of magnesium. Iron is also found along with it. Along with spinach, mustard greens and other leafy vegetables are also rich in magnesium.

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Cashews & Almonds

Cashews and almonds are a good source of magnesium. Its regular consumption increases the body's immunity.

{Disclaimer : The information given here is given on the basis of general does not confirm it. Before implementing it, please consult the concerned expert.}

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Publish Date : November 13, 2023

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