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How Ronaldo-Al Nassr's Happiness Was Ruined By ignorance

How Ronaldo-Al Nassr's Happiness Was Ruined By ignorance

Cristiano Ronaldo plays great football. The ball just has to come into his possession once and get stuck in his feet. The team in front should try its best. Sweat a lot. Hardly anyone has the skill to snatch the ball from him. Currently, Ronaldo is captaining Saudi Arabia's professional football club Al Nassr. Just yesterday, Ronaldo's team was successful in defeating another Saudi club Al Tai, but this match has been marred by controversies. Al Tai's star footballer Abdulaziz Al-Harabi made several serious allegations regarding the timing of matches and has spoiled the fun. Which Ronaldo and his team were taking after the victory.

Al-Harabi said after the defeat to Al Nassr. That the timing of the match should be changed. Explaining the reason for this, Al Harabi said that Saudi Arabia is a Muslim majority country. And since SPL matches in Saudi take place around 6 pm. Therefore they can affect Maghrib prayers.

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Al-Harbi expressed concern about the time players are on the ground. At exactly the same time, Azaan is called from the mosques. Which affects the players' game in some way or the other. Therefore the match timing should be changed. Al-Harbi said in a post on X. 'We are in a Muslim country. Therefore, there is no point in playing when the Muezzin (one who gives the call to prayer from the mosque) is calling.

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He has also expressed this hope in his post. That the organizers will review the timing of the match. Are noteworthy. This statement, which came after Al Nasr's victory, has sparked discussion about the conflict between sporting time and religious practices.

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What decision do the organizers take after this call by Al-Harabi. Time will answer this. But the way the issue of religion has been raised in the game. Reactions have started on social media. There are many users. What they are saying. No matter how modern Saudi Arabia portrays itself as a country, the roots of fundamentalism within it are very deep. There are such users also. Who are justifying the words of Al-Harbi. And are supporting him.

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Publish Date: October 5, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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