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1st Electric Car Equipped With Sodium ion Battery Make a Big Entry in New Year, Will Get 250km Range 

Volkswagen JAC  EV

YuvaPatrkaar : Volkswagen company's JAC Motors is soon going to bring a big change in the field of electric vehicles. In fact, all the electric vehicles currently in the market are powered by lithium ion batteries. In which the price of Lithium Ion battery is higher. Whereas for this there is a shortage of raw material for Lithium Ion. In view of this, Volkswagen company is conducting a big experiment to reduce the price of electric vehicles. Under this, Volkswagen's new upcoming car will be equipped with sodium ion battery instead of lithium ion.

The company believes that cars running on sodium ion batteries will be lower in price and will promote electric vehicles. Secondly, sodium is easily available. And its price is also quite low. The second biggest reason is that the performance of sodium is much better than lithium in cold weather.

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Volkswagen's JAC Yiwei EV hatchback in which the company is offering a 25kWh capacity battery which can be charged 10-80% in 20 minutes. Once this battery is charged, this car can travel up to 250km.

Jia Shunli, president of Volkswagen's JAC Yiwei brand, says that installing sodium batteries reduces the cost significantly. Due to which the price will decrease and people will be more attracted towards EV. Let us tell you that the HiNA battery being installed in the upcoming Yiwei EV hatchback uses cylindrical sodium-ion cells. The batteries are assembled in the company's modular Unitized Encapsulation (UE) honeycomb structure. This kind of layout provides greater stability and better performance to the battery.

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Publish Date: January 01, 2024 

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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