5 Such Features of Cars Which are of no Use in driving, Yet People Spend so Much Money on Them

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5 Such Features of Cars Which are of no Use in driving, Yet People Spend so Much Money on Them

Automobile: In this era of technology when we are moving forward rapidly. There is a wave of innovation in the automobile sector also. The inclusion of new technological features in cars not only adds excitement. But also makes traveling more convenient and safe. Although some features are like this. Whose usefulness should be considered.


Sunroof has become a popular feature in cars today. Where its usefulness is seen in European countries. At the same time, questions are raised about its presence in tropical countries like India. In view of the heat and dust, the sunroof is rarely used.

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Automatic headlights

Automatic headlights turn on automatically at night or in low light. This is a convenient feature. But sometimes these sensors are not able to recognize bad weather conditions correctly. In such a situation, manual control of headlights by the driver proves to be more reliable.

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Rain sensing wipers

Wipers that activate automatically after detecting rain are a high-tech technology. However, they are not always accurate in understanding the speed of wipers according to the intensity of rain. Therefore sometimes manual control may be more effective.

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Gesture control

With gesture control, various functions can be operated without pressing any button. This is the result of the latest technology. But sometimes its use can distract the driver. Simple and straightforward control functions often feel right.

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Voice command

Through voice commands, it is possible to control various functions through voice. This feature keeps hands free while driving. But sometimes this system shows lack of accuracy. Manual control may be preferred for important functions.

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Publish Date: March 12, 2024

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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