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All New Toyota Corolla Cross Model Features, Engine, Mileage, Price & EMI Plan Details

Toyota Corolla Cross New Car Launch

Toyota Corolla Cross New Car Launch : Recently, Toyota company is going to launch Toyota Corolla Cross model in the beginning of the year 2024. Which is considered to be the best option for the customers within the lowest budget range in the Indian market. Toyota company has been launching one great model since the beginning. Which is giving competition to big vehicles like Mahindra, Tata and Maruti Suzuki with strong mileage and features. If we talk about its sales, Toyota is at the first position in the Indian market, selling more than 5 lakh cars in a year. Toyota company will launch this model in large quantities with special offers in the year 2024, for which customers are eagerly waiting.

Toyota Corolla Cross price and EMI plans

If we talk about Toyota Corolla Cross, the price of this model has not been decided yet. But it is being told that other vehicles like Mahindra and Tata are priced much higher. The price of this model will be kept much lower and it will be given more features, looks and powerful engine. If we talk about offers, the company will sell this model at minimum monthly installments and 0% interest rate so that lower class customers can easily buy it.

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What features will be available in Toyota Corolla Cross?

If we talk about the features of Toyota Corolla Cross, then due to modern technology and premium segment, this model, which is being launched in the year 2024, will have great features and attractive look which you cannot see in any other vehicle. Its look is quite attractive in the lowest budget range and to compete with a big car like Vitara Brezza. Main features include approximately 10 inch touch screen display, 5 seater airbags and leather seats, steering display, digital speedometer, timer clock, odometer, anti lock braking system, a great music system, Bluetooth connectivity, SIM connectivity, excellent facility for calling. Has been done. And black and white sunroof, all four tires are tubeless and five cut metal alloy wheels are provided. Which makes it even more attractive.

Powerful engine and mileage of Toyota Corolla Cross

If we talk about the engine of Toyota Corolla Cross, then the engine given by Toyota company in this model is heavier than the model of Mahindra company. Which comes as around 1200 cc standard classic. The main 1.8-litre diesel engine will also be provided in the engine. Now this SUV has a 1.8 liter petrol engine. This engine provides power of 96.5 bhp and torque of 163 Newton. If we talk about mileage, this SUV has a mileage of around 22 kmpl. Which makes it even more active. The fuel tank capacity is given at 45 litres.

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Publish Date: January 13, 2024 

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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