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Hero Lectro F3i Range Top Speed Features & Price

Hero Lectro F3i Range Top Speed Features & Price

Hero Lectro F3i: If you are not able to get an electric scooter for yourself in your budget. Then you should buy an electric cycle for yourself because only the load capacity of a cycle is less. Otherwise we get the features of an electric scooter in it.

With the trust of Hero Company, this electric cycle runs 35 km in a single charge. And inside it we get to see a powerful motor and battery. The company has equipped its cycle with advanced features. So that people do not face any problem while riding like this. So today in this article, let's know. All the information related to the cycle

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Range and top speed of Hero Lectro F3i

Talking about the range of Hero Lectro F3i, it runs on a single charge. You can ride the cycle in two modes. If you use the walking mode of the cycle. Then the range of this cycle will be 35 km and if you use the total mode of this cycle. Then this cycle provides a range of 28 km. The motor fitted in it takes the cycle to a top speed of 25 km per hour. Which is perfect for walking in urban areas.

Battery and motor of Hero Lectro F3i

Inside this electric cycle, the company is providing a 250W BLDC hub motor. Which can generate a torque of 40 Newton meters. It is due to such strong power output and torque that the cycle is able to achieve a top speed of 25 km per hour.

Inside this cycle we get a battery with 6.63Ah capacity. Which comes with IP67 rating. The charging time of this battery is also very less. And it gets fully charged within just 5 hours. The company has used a hybrid model inside the cycle. So you can ride the cycle on both foot and battery.

Features of Hero Lectro F3i

Hero Lectro F3i company has provided a very advanced visa. And in this we get to see a display. Which displays information like battery level, speed and navigation of this cycle. The company has used 6061 alloy MTB frame to make the cycle. Which is very light.

In this cycle, we get to see disc brakes in the front and rear. And inside it we also get to see 7 speed gear. The company has launched the cycle with 100mm kiss suspension 4. And with this cycle we also get Rfid key.

Price of Hero Lectro F3i

If you want to bring this cycle to your home. So you will have to spend ₹ 50499 from your pocket. To buy this cycle, you can visit Hero's official website. If you want to buy this cycle on installments. So for that you will have to contact your nearest dealer.

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Publish Date: June 05, 2024

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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