Honda Activa Electric Launched Soon With Powerful Battery, Long Range & Affordable Price

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Honda Activa electric scooter

Honda Activa electric scooter is very popular in India. And this electric scooter Honda Activa, which rules the Indian roads, is now ready to make a splash in the electric version. Yes friends, you heard it right. This electric scooter, which will be coming soon in the Indian market, will not only give you the pleasure of a stylish ride, but will also give you an impressive range of up to 280 kilometers on a full charge. So let's know about this scooter

Excellent range and powerful performance

Friends, let us inform you that the biggest feature of Honda Activa Electric is its great range. The company claims that once this scooter is fully charged, it can give a range of up to 280 kilometers. This range is enough not only for roaming around in the city but also for traveling in small villages or on rough roads. Apart from this, a powerful electric motor will be installed in this scooter, which will help it run at a speed of 70 kilometers per hour.

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If we talk about the features of Activa Electric, then you will get to see many cool features as you can see below. And in terms of performance also this scooter is on top. And it is far ahead in terms of features too. You are going to get many modern features in this scooter. Digital Speedometer, Front and Rear Disc Brake, Digital Display, Low Battery Indicator, Digital Odometer, Side Stand Sensor, Monitor, headlight, Range port

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However friends, the launch date of Honda Activa Electric and the company has not yet made any official announcement. But it is believed that it can be launched in the Indian market soon. At present, no information has been revealed about its price. But, it is estimated that its price could be between Rs 60,000 to Rs 90,000. If launched soon, it will create a stir in the Indian scooter market.

So if you are looking for such an electric scooter. If it gives you great range, strong performance and modern features, then Honda Activa Electric can be a great option for you. But you will have to eagerly wait for its launch

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Publish Date: April 09, 2024

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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