Honda Company's Latest Electric Scooter, Will Get Great Features, Price Also Low

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Honda Activa Electric

Honda Activa Electric : Honda which is a Japanese company. It has been sending its scooter bikes to the Indian market for many decades. In this modern era, more and more customers are buying electric scooters keeping the environment in mind. In this era of electric scooters, Honda should not be left behind, that is why this company has decided to launch its latest electric scooter in the Indian market.

Honda Activa Electric, This scooter comes with great features, top speed, range, fast charging. Which is very difficult to get at this price. To ensure that more and more people buy this electric scooter, Honda company has kept its price very reasonable. And you can also buy this scooter at different options. So in today's great article, let us know all the information released about this electric scooter.

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Great design will be seen in Honda Activa Electric

Honda company has been selling its scooters in the Indian market for many decades. For this reason if any person sees a scooter from a distance. So he can tell whether it is a scooter of Honda company or not. Keeping this in mind, Honda has launched this new electric scooter in its iconic Activa Lok. Honda has kept the look of its electric scooter simple and elegant so that more and more people get attracted towards this electric scooter.

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Honda Activa Electric's stunning display and comfortable set-up

Talking about the headlamps, display and set of Honda Activa Electric, Honda has installed LED headlamps in its new electric scooter which support Daytime Running Lights. The company has installed LED lights as the rare lights of this electric scooter. Which gives a modern look to this electric. This electric scooter comes with a modern digital display which gives a great look to this scooter. Talking about the seat of this scooter, keeping in mind the comfort of the driver and the pillion rider, Honda has installed a single seat in it which is very comfortable.

Honda Activa Electric Powerful Range and Top Speed

Honda company is very famous for providing powerful motors in its scooters. Honda has also included a very good motor in Honda Activa Electric which is a 1000W motor. Due to it having such a powerful motor, the top speed of this electric scooter is said to be 75 kilometers per hour.

Talking about the battery of this electric scooter, this scooter comes with a lithium-ion battery. Which also supports fast charging. If you are a very busy person then you will never have any problem in charging this electric scooter because this electric scooter gets fully charged in just 8 hours.

Due to such a powerful motor and long lasting battery, this electric scooter comfortably provides the driver with a very high range of 100 to 150 kilometers on a single charge. Honda company is famous for providing maximum facilities in minimum money. And keeping this intact, Honda company has also made its electric scooter in such a way that more and more people like it.

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Other standout features of Honda Activa Electric

Honda has decided to launch this electric scooter with telescopic suspension. Which will not let the driver face any problem while driving this scooter nor will he feel any bumps. The company has made the key of this electric scooter a smart key which comes with H-Smart technology. Due to H-technology, the security of this scooter has increased even more. Let us tell you that this scooter comes with silent start technology. Which does not allow any sound when the scooter starts.

To increase the security of this electric scooter and to protect it from thieves, Honda has also installed anti-theft warning system in this electric scooter. Which will inform you by sounding the alarm if there is any tampering with your scooter. We get to see two modes in this scooter. ECO mode and power mode with which you can also save the battery of this electric scooter.

Price and EMI options

Honda company has decided to launch its new electric scooter in March 2024. If the company's website is to be believed, we will get to see this scooter at an ex-showroom price of ₹ 1,10,000. The price of this electric scooter depends on which state you live in. It will also depend on it because all the states impose State GST in different ways.

Talking about EMI options, Honda company has not yet provided any information about the EMI options available on this electric scooter.

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Publish Date: February 29, 2024

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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