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In summer, AC, Cooler, Light Will all Run For Free, Will Not Have To Pay Electricity Bill, Know How

Solar Rooftop System installation

Solar Rooftop System installation : The havoc that the heat is wreaking right now was not seen for the last several years. Due to the gradually changing environment and felling of trees, the heat is increasing year after year. It is becoming almost impossible to stay in the house in this weather without a cooler or AC. But getting an AC installed in the house and running it is also very expensive. Because the electricity bill is so high that one starts sweating. In such a situation, people look for such a Jugaad

so that the bill is not paid and one gets to enjoy the cool air of AC. So, at present there is only one Jugaad in which money is spent once. Then whether you run an AC or a cooler or light lights in the whole house, the electricity bill will either be very less or will not come at all. And the government is also helping in this. We are talking about solar system. In which the government is providing subsidy facility.

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You will get relief from electricity bill

At present, the government has also started PM Suryaghar Scheme to promote green energy. Under which subsidy facility is being provided on solar system installation. In such heat, availability of electricity for 24 hours is necessary. And along with that, there should be no electricity bill. For such facility, you will have to spend money once. You can get solar system installed under this scheme of the government. You will not get any bill in this. Your AC, cooler, lights, fans will all run for free.

Government is giving subsidy

The central government is providing subsidy facility for solar rooftop system installation (Subsidy on Solar Panel) in the country. In this, different subsidy facility is being given according to kilowatt. You can get the panel installed according to the load of AC, cooler and other electric equipment in your house. The government is providing maximum subsidy facility of Rs 78000 above 3 kilowatt. More information about this scheme can be taken through the website

How much does it cost?

If you are getting a 3 kilowatt system installed at home, then you can easily run coolers, fans, lights etc. You can even run a small water motor in it. Its cost is around 3 lakh rupees. If you take a 1 kilowatt system, then its cost is around 90 thousand rupees. At 2 kilowatt, it costs around 1.5 lakh rupees. The subsidy facility in this is different.

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Publish Date: June 18, 2024

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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