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Nokia 1100 Features & Specifications Information 2024

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Nokia 1100 Phone – Before the era of smartphones, Nokia 1100 was in the hearts of people; Everyone liked this phone at that time.

This phone had a small sized 96×65 pixels display screen with some interesting gaming features, stopwatch and torch light.

In today's important article, you will be given details, price and other important information of Nokia 1100 feature phone.

Nokia 1100 Features & Specifications Information

Display – This phone was provided with a small display screen with a screen resolution of 96 × 65 Pixels. In this, soft buttons were provided to scroll the screen here and there.

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Camera – At that time modern phones with touch screens were not available, hence no camera was provided in it. The Nokia 1100 had a small and dimly lit flashlight.

Memory – The Nokia 1100 phone had a dynamic phonebook, which stored phone numbers and messages. This phone did not have enough RAM and storage. The purpose of this phone was only to talk and send messages.

Battery – The 850mAh removable battery of the Nokia 1100 phone provided good power backup for long periods of time. This battery worked for 24 hours without much use.

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Nokia 1100 Other Features & Specifications – If we look at the additional features of the phone, we all played Snake and Sky Impact games on Nokia 1100. This phone also came with a calculator and stopwatch for calculations.

Nokia 1100 Price & Offers Details

The Nokia 1100 is no longer available in general availability. But you can still buy phones with other similar features at its price.

The Nokia 1100 used to cost Rs 1,000 or a little more, and sometimes even less.

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Publish Date: January 18, 2024

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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