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OLA's 1st EV Car To Be Launched Soon, Know Its Best Features & Range


OLA EV Car : Indian electric scooter manufacturer Ola is soon going to showcase its first electric car. This tax is going to have many great features. If you use Ola's scooter Cope. So you must know how strong they are. A similar experience is going to happen with Ola electric car also.

Earlier on August 15, the company had introduced the electric bike, which is going to come with a sporty look. Apart from all these, electric car is going to attract customers on a large scale. Let us know how Ola can give a new direction to the Indian electric car market.

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Ola, which has managed to become India's number one EV company due to the trust of customers, is also making new changes in itself with the changing times. The company says that they are going to cover all sectors in the next few years. Electric car also comes in this. Last year itself, a small glimpse of the electric car was presented by the company, after seeing which various speculations started being made.

Among the things that came to light after seeing the picture, the car has been described as a sedan. Its front look is flat. Experts say that the actual model may be different at the time of launch. Probably the Ola electric car will be designed on sedan body type. It is believed. Interest in sedan cars is decreasing in the country. This is the main reason why Ola is also going to make changes.

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According to sources associated with the company, Ola electric car can come with the ability to cover a distance of up to 500km in a single charge. For this, a big battery pack is going to be used in the car. As far as charging is concerned, it may take at least an hour. Whereas it is likely to take 5 to 6 hours to charge the car with a normal charger. According to reports, the price of Ola electric car can start from Rs 20 lakh. More information about this will have to wait for the launch of the car.

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Publish Date: November 15, 2023

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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