Once Bought a Bike For Rs 21k, Now Company it Will Give Double Money, Know The Best Story

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Once Bought a Bike For Rs 21k, Now Company it Will Give Double Money, Know The Best Story

Suzuki Samurai: The name of Suzuki Samurai bike can still refresh the old memories of some people. It was an old-fashioned two-stroke bike, similar to the RX100. Even today it is quite popular to find TVS Suzuki Samurai. Today there is more craze for these types of bikes which have become rare. But a select few people still have this bike.

Getting double the price after 27 years

Let us tell you that recently a video of TVS Suzuki Samurai bike is going viral. In which when a person brings his TVS Suzuki Samurai bike to the dealer. So seeing the excellent condition of the bike, the dealership owner himself offered the bike owner to buy this bike at double the price.

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This video has been shared by Mr. Motor Vault on his YouTube channel. Can be seen in the video. The vlogger talks to a TVS dealership representative in Kerala. The customer had purchased this bike from the same dealer 27 years ago.

You will be surprised to know the price

The dealership representative explains. That the customer has not yet used the bike of any other company. The dealer staff can be heard saying. That he has acquired this bike through exchange from the customer. Dealer staff tells. That he has purchased this bike from the customer for Rs 41,000. When the customer purchased this bike 27 years ago, its value on-road price was Rs 21k

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Publish Date: September 28, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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