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Raftaar Galaxy Electric Scooter 2024 Features & Price Details

Rahul Bhardwaj

Raftaar Galaxy electric scooter 2024 : As the popularity of electric scooters is increasing in the country. New companies are making waves. Similarly, today we will talk about a new scooter whose name will be Raftaar Galaxy electric, as unique as its name is. Its work will be even more powerful than that. It has been launched as a low budget scooter. Right now more than one company is coming to India at cheaper prices. Due to which people are also getting variety. Currently, all the vehicle manufacturing companies in our country are shifting from fuel to electric. In a few years, you may see more electric bikes and cars on the road than petrol and diesel ones.

Raftaar Galaxy electric scooter

This is a new scooter manufacturing company which has brought a new scooter in the market called Raftaar Galaxy electric. Let us know its complete details. First of all, if we talk about its name then it has been named Raftaar Galaxy electric scooter. It will have a retro look. First of all, if we talk about its range, then this Raftaar Galaxy electric scooter can travel up to 100 km in one charge. Charging time will be up to 1–2 hours. In this you have been given disc brakes in both front and back. Apart from this, you are also provided with charging port through which you can charge your phone also. A special feature has been given in it. Which is anti theft security, what will happen is that if anyone tries to touch your scooter, an automatic alarm will start ringing in it. Which is considered good for security purpose.

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Raftaar Galaxy electric scooter other features

Raftaar Galaxy electric LFP 64V -30AH smart battery is installed. For strong power, a powerful motor of 250 W has been provided. It is made with BLDC latest technology. In this you will get a 73 watt charger which will provide fast charging facility. The speed is said to be around 25 km/hr. And it can reach its top speed in just 10 seconds. In this you will get all the digital facilities, such as digital speedometer, odometer, trip meter, LED headlights, alloy wheels, touch screen display, auto self start facility and many more new technologies have been added to it. Which will include it in the list of a good electric scooter. You can use all its features with the key button of the scooter. Like on-off, lock, alarm on.

Raftaar Galaxy electric scooter price

A bike or scooter looks good only when both the price and choice are of your choice. The price of this scooter is said to start from Rs 51,900. The best news is that you can buy Raftaar Galaxy electric scooter on EMI also.

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Publish Date: January 27, 2024 

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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