Rolls-Royce Recently Unveiled its New Car Arcadia Droptail Worth Rs 257 Crore, Read Detailed Information

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Rolls-Royce Recently Unveiled its New Car Arcadia Droptail

Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptai : In the world of luxury automobiles, Rolls-Royce has always been synonymous with beauty, opulence and craftsmanship. With a history spanning over a century, the brand has consistently set the standard for luxury vehicles. Has produced cars that are not only technologically advanced. Rather excellently designed.

One of Rolls-Royce's latest creations is the Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail. The Arcadia Droptail is a true masterpiece. Which reflects Rolls-Royce's commitment to luxury and innovation.

Rolls-Royce has recently unveiled its new car Arcadia Droptail. The name of this car is taken from the Greek city Arcadia. Which means 'heaven on earth'.

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Let us tell you that in a ceremony organized in Singapore, the company delivered a specially designed Arcadia to a customer. A special kind of wood has been used in making this car. Apart from this it is painted with a special color made from a mixture of glass and aluminium. The wooden interior and paint of the car will not deteriorate throughout its life.

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The design of Rolls-Royce Arcadia Droptail is visible. The body of the car is sleek and aerodynamic. The front of the car features the iconic Rolls-Royce grille. Which has stylish LED headlights on the sides which give the car a modern and distinctive look.

One of the most striking features of the Arcadia Droptail is its unique droptail design. There is a retractable roof at the rear of the car. Which can be opened to create an open-air driving experience. So that passengers can enjoy the breeze while traveling in style. The droptail design is not only stunning to look at. But it also serves a practical purpose, enhancing the car's aerodynamics and performance.

Arcadia Droptail is equipped with the latest technology. Which includes a state-of-the-art infotainment system, advanced driver assistance features and a premium audio system. Which provides excellent sound quality. The seats are designed for maximum comfort with heating, cooling and massage functions. To ensure that every journey is a pleasant one.


The price of this ultra-customized vehicle adorned with attractive looks and premium features is Rs 257 crore (Rolls Royce Arcadia Droptail Price).

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Publish Date: March 05, 2024

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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