Who Gets BH Number Plate, Know How To Apply For Benefit of This Series

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BH Series Number Plate

BH Series Number Plate : When you go to a new state or city in India. So you often have to re-register your vehicle at the new location. And this process definitely causes some troubles. However, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) came up with a solution some time ago to ease the process. India series number plates, also known as BH number plates.

It was launched in the year 2021. Its objective is to facilitate vehicle registration for those people. Who often go from one state to another for work. In such a situation, here we are going to tell you about the benefits, eligibility criteria and other details of BH number plate…

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BH number plate comes with a unique registration number. It is given to an individual vehicle throughout India. This allows the vehicle owner to move from one state to another with the same registration number. Apart from this, having BH number plate is also convenient from insurance point of view. Because, car insurance is not affected by this. Talking about its format, it has year of registration (YY), then BH (India Series), then 4 digit registration number and then XX. This indicates the vehicle category.

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For example 22BH 9999AA. As far as state registration number is concerned. If you change your location. So you must change the vehicle registration within 12 months of moving to the new state. If you don't do this. So you may violate road rules. This may result in your car insurance claim being rejected.

However, you will not have this problem with BH number as you do not need to change the vehicle registration while moving from one place to another. In such a situation, there is no need to worry about the car insurance coverage or the validity of the claim.

Who can be eligible for BH series number plate? And what are its criteria?

  • -State and central government employees.
  • - Defense personnel.
  • - Bank employee
  • -Management service personnel.
  • -Employees working in private companies with offices in more than five states or union territories.
  • -The vehicle holder must also have a Vehicle Pollution Control (PUC) certificate.
  • - Road tax will have to be paid for the vehicle.
  • -This applies only to non-transport vehicles.

Benefits of India Series Number Plate:

  • -This number plate is valid throughout the country.
  • -There is no need to re-register the vehicle when moving from one state to another.

How to register for BH series number plate, let us know:

For this you can log yourself into the vehicle portal of MoRTH. Or you can take help from an authorized automobile dealer. If you take help from an automobile dealer. So fill Form 20 on the vehicle portal. Eligible private sector employees must fill out Form 60. They will also have to show employment ID along with work certificate. After this the officials verify the eligibility of the vehicle owner. Then the necessary documents will have to be submitted. After this B.H. The required motor vehicle tax has to be paid after obtaining approval from the RTO for the number. The VAHAN portal then generates the BH series registration for your vehicle.

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Publish Date: March 05, 2024

Posted By Rohit Nehra

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