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Whole of Pakistan is Crazy About This Bike, Know The Details

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Bike: Let us tell you that in 2017 itself, India has overtaken China as the largest two wheeler market. Two wheeler companies like Hero, TVS and Bajaj have a huge contribution in this achievement of India. These Indian bikes are very much liked across the country.

Let us tell you that 2 lakh units of Hero Splendor alone are sold every month. For this reason, now two wheeler foreign companies want to establish themselves in India. But if we talk about Pakistan, bikes like those of India are not seen there. Today we are telling you about the most liked bike in Pakistan.

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This bike is sold well in Pakistan

If we talk about the automobile sector of Pakistan, the condition here is very bad. Here you do not see modern bikes or vehicles like in India. United US 70 bike is very much liked in Pakistan. This is such a bike. That if it is launched in India, not a single customer will come to buy it.

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But this bike is the best selling bike in Pakistan. Nothing is provided in the name of features in this bike. Its powertrain is also very bad. In the name of features, you get only pickup in it. Pakistanis believe. That its pickup is excellent. That's why this bike is also good.

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Features are very weak

Let us tell you that Hero Splendor bike is available in India for Rs 75 thousand. The price of this Pakistani bike is Rs 160000 lakh. In this you are given only 78 cc engine. In this bike you are also given an 8 liter fuel tank along with drum brake. This bike comes in retro look. Suppose, if Hero Splendor is launched in Pakistan, its sales will increase significantly because Hero Splendor will be no less than a wonder for the people of Pakistan.

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Publish Date: November 3, 2023

Posted By Rahul Bhardwaj

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