Zomato AI Support : Now Chatbot in Zomato App Will Tell When, How & What To Eat

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Zomato AI Support  Now Chatbot in Zomato App Will Tell When, How & What To Eat

Zomato AI Support : Zomato, which provides online food delivery service, has made a major change in its app amid the growing trend of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence worldwide. Now the app Zomato has introduced 'Zomato AI'. This interactive chatbot will make the food ordering experience more personalized and convenient.

Claims are being made about the new feature of the Zomato app. That this intelligent, intuitive and interactive feature helps its customers to choose such food options. Which is best according to their current appetite, dietary preferences and even mood. To use the integrated 'Zomato AI' within the app, users need to install the latest version of the app. These new features are currently available for Zomato Gold clients. Those who will be able to take its help in ordering food.

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Zomato AI Capabilities

  • With Zomato AI, you can not only order food.Through this, users can also know this. What would be the best food according to the season, mood and diet. Such as whether or not one can enjoy a high protein, low carb diet?
  • Users can also ask this from the chatbot. What to eat and what not to have a hangover.
  • A widget is also available in the app. In which you will have a list of restaurants serving all your favorite dishes.
  • With its help, you will be able to order your favorite food in less time.
  • If it is not understood whether food should be ordered, then users can take the help of Zomato AI.

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Posted Date: September 3, 2023

Publish Date: September 3, 2023

Posted By Ravi Kumar

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