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Geert Wilders Can Take Charge of Power in Netherlands, Nupur Sharma Was Strongly Supported

Greet Wilders

Greet Wilders : When former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma commented on Prophet Mohammad, there was an uproar not only in India but all over the world. Amidst all this controversy, he got support from the Netherlands. This support was given to him by the MP here Geert Wilders. He was seen saying, “I would appeal to India not to come under the pressure of fundamentalist Muslim countries.” Now once again Nupur Sharma's name is in discussion because Geert is being seen in the headlines and he can become the Prime Minister of Netherlands.

Parliamentary elections have recently been held in the Netherlands. And exit poll projections continue to see Geert heading for a landslide victory. For the first time after the Second World War, such a big change is being seen in the Netherlands. Whose effect can be seen on the whole of Europe.

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Who is Geert Wilders?

Geert is one of the famous politicians of the Netherlands who started his politics as a speechwriter. After this, he himself entered politics and in the year 2006 formed his own party named Party for Freedom. The claim of this party coming to power in the country is increasingly being made. According to the exit poll trends, it is being told that this party is winning 35 seats, defeating all the parties. Whereas last time only 17 seats went to his account. If the exit poll trends change the result. So the PVV will be the largest party led by Wilders. However, it is necessary to join hands with other parties to form the government. Because the majority figure is 76 seats.

Europe's influence on politics

Wilders is considered anti-Islamic and is often in the news for his sharp criticism of Islam and immigration policies. His victory in the Netherlands elections can shake the politics of entire Europe. Wilders is always a part of the discussion due to his open views. And because of speaking against Islam, he is always kept under tight security. He supported Nupur Sharma's statement due to which he continues to be criticized in the Islamic country. They have even demanded a ban on Quran and closure of mosques in the Netherlands. In such a situation, if power goes into their hands, its impact will be visible throughout Europe.

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Nupur was supported

Now that Wilders is making headlines with the news of becoming Prime Minister. So everyone is also remembering his statement given in support of Nupur Sharma. Let us tell you that after making objectionable remarks about Prophet Mohammad, Nupur Sharma was being criticized everywhere. Then Wilders had described the anger of Islamic countries as ridiculous. He had written on social media thatOne should never bow down to Islamic terrorists like Al Qaeda. He represents barbarism. The whole of India should come together in favor of Nupur Sharma and support her. Al Qaeda and Taliban had put me on their hit list years ago. Never bow down to terrorists, never.

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Publish Date : November 24, 2023

Posted By Ravi Kumar

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