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This New Variety of Mustard is Best For Farmers, Will Earn Big Money, Know How To Take Care of it From Pests


YuvaPatrkaar : Farmers are getting rich from mustard cultivation. Farmers are getting rich without any hard work and in less time. Earning handsomely. It is an oilseed crop. Whose oil is extracted. The market prices of mustard and its oil are better than other crops. In such a situation, most of the farmers cultivate it. Like the farmers who have sown mustard crop in Rabi season and that crop is 10 to 20 days old. So at such times it becomes necessary to take care and protect it. You too can earn huge profits by cultivating mustard.

Mustard is affected by this insect when it is ripe

If we talk about the pest attack in mustard, then the pest in mustard completely destroys the crops by sucking the juice of the leaves of the plant at the age of 7 to 10 days. Many insects cause harm to mustard in some way, due to which the larva of this insect damages the crop. And makes the plant leafless. Only the stalk remains. In such a situation, it is very important for the farmers to monitor the mustard crop in the initial stage.

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This is how to control these flies

How to control these flies in mustard cultivation? There is a high incidence of painted bug and saw fly in mustard. For this, farmers can adopt some of the measures given below. One should always sow seeds which are known by their revered characteristics. If there is a high incidence of painted bug and saw fly, then to prevent it, insecticide chemicals should be sprayed in the morning and evening.

Other pests affecting mustard crop

If we talk about the pests used in mustard crop, this insect not only weakens and damages the young and adult plants but also sucks the juice from the tender stems, leaves, flowers and new pods. Besides, they also secrete nectar on the leaves while sucking the juice. This honeydew is affected by black fungus. And the process of photosynthesis gets disrupted. The outbreak of this insect lasts from December-January to March.

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Publish Date : November 6, 2023

Posted By Abhishek

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