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DMRC Update: DMRC issued Alert, Be Careful Before Traveling in Delhi Metro

DMRC issued Alert, Be Careful Before Traveling in Delhi Metro

DMRC Update: For your information, seeing the doors of the metro train being closed at Guru Dronacharya station, a woman put her bag in the middle so that they could open again. But the doors closed on the bags and the train stopped after moving a few meters further. Such tricks keep happening in metro trains every day. Which can cause an accident. There may also be a delay in train running time. Which can affect the next train also. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on Tuesday complained to the police about a woman who kept her bag between the doors.

Now know the punishment for coercion

A 35-year-old woman's clothes recently got stuck in the metro, causing her to be dragged to her death. As DMRC began examining CCTV footage to resolve questions raised after the first death in the accident, it found that passengers have made it a pastime of trying to lock the doors. DMRC on Tuesday clearly stated that blocking coach gates is an offense under Section 67 of the Metro Railways (Operation and Maintenance) Act, 2002. And for this, the punishment can be imprisonment up to four years or fine up to Rs 10,000 or both.

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What tricks do you use to block the door?

On Monday, a woman tried to enter the coach at GTB Nagar metro station when the gates were closing. The woman kept dragging for some time, her coat got stuck between the doors. But he survived. On December 27, a passenger at the New Ashok Nagar metro station was late in allowing the woman accompanying him to enter the coach, so he stood between the metro doors to prevent the gates from opening. The DCM said a forced obstruction damaged the coach door and caused a delay of 15 minutes. The police will receive a complaint about this.

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DMRC will no longer be tolerated

A DMRC official said that we want to caution the passengers to avoid closing the coach gates and putting their lives at risk. Anyway, another train will arrive in the next few minutes. 'We have seen. That the incidents of people stopping the gate from closing are increasing. They said. DMRC will now file police complaints against such passengers and also impose fines on them, the official said.

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The official said that if a passenger's luggage gets stuck in the train door, it can also cause entanglement in the body. And the person may get hurt. The train door closes automatically three times. If the door remains closed continuously. Then the door opens. And it continues like this. The train does not run in such circumstances. Then the train operator comes. And closes the door.

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Efforts to increase awareness also

DCM has released a video on metro stations. Which informs passengers about the risks of such work. Apart from this, signages are also being installed to inform people about this. Anuj Dayal, principal executive director, corporate communications, DMRC, said the DMRC already makes advisory announcements to passengers inside trains. That they should take care of their saree, dhoti, scarf, bag etc. during boarding or deboarding. In view of the recent incident, more signage is being installed at platform screen doors and train doors across the rail network.

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Anuj Dayal said that digital screens inside trains and at major stations are also playing awareness videos. These videos have been specially created to educate passengers about the safety precautions to be taken while boarding and deboarding the coach. He was told that the company was also using social media handles to inform people about the risks.

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Publish Date: January 04, 2024

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