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School Mid Day Meal : Children in Govt Schools of This State Will Get Fresh Cow's Milk, Will Get Rid of Powdered Milk

School Mid Day Meal

School Mid Day Meal :  A new and welcome initiative has started in the government schools of Rajasthan. Under which now school children will be provided fresh cow's milk instead of powdered milk. To make this new initiative successful, Office of Director Secondary Education Rajasthan Bikaner has instructed all the district and block offices to strictly follow the orders.

One step towards healthy childhood

This decision has been taken under the Mukhyamantri Bal Gopal Scheme. Whose main objective is to protect children studying in government schools from malnutrition. Earlier, students were provided milk made from powdered milk, but now there are plans to feed them fresh cow's milk. This scheme will not only improve the nutritional level of children but will also help in keeping them healthy.

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Emphasis on cleanliness in schools

Along with this new initiative, the Rajasthan government has also issued instructions to pay special attention to cleanliness and regular cleaning of toilets in schools. This step will not only help in keeping the school environment clean but will also make children aware of the importance of cleanliness.

Features of Chief Minister Bal Gopal Scheme

Under the Mukhyamantri Bal Gopal Scheme, 15 grams of powdered milk was provided to the children of classes one to five and 150 ml of milk was provided to the children of classes six to eight, 200 ml of milk was provided to the children of classes six to eight. However, now under this scheme, children will be provided fresh cow's milk which will further improve their nutrition.

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Publish Date: March 12, 2024

Posted By Sunil

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